The topic of sustainability moves us all. The environment has always been close to our heart. This is already evident in our material: Wood. Wood, in itself, is already sustainable. It is in the very essence of nature. But that is not enough for us. Here, you can find out about the solutions we offer for more sustainability in timber construction and processing.


From the felled tree to the finished house

Buildings made of wood are environmentally friendly, affordable and can be quickly constructed. Prefabricated elements are used to create, among other things, comfortable apartments and offices. Dürr subsidiary HOMAG supplies […]


Environmentally friendly insulation

Because Terhalle Holzbau GmbH was no longer able to process the volume of orders with manual production methods, the company invested in automated production. As well as increasing capacity and […]


Construction method with a future

SchwörerHaus KG in Oberstetten is one of the largest manufacturers of prefabricated houses in Germany. As a pioneer of automation, the company was also the first WEINMANN customer in production […]