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Attention: This is where it goes really in depth. Reports on your market companions, interviews with industry experts, exciting technical reports and detailed analyses of current topics to broaden the horizon. The focus is always on the question of what the woodworking world of the future will look like and how we can shape it together.

Digitalize sustainably

Digitalizing construction processes in a sustainable way, thereby reducing energy and resource consumption and thus contributing to the necessary change in society – this the firm belief of Professor Hannes […]


Versalink – Matthew Law in conversation

Headquartered in Klang, near Kuala Lumpur, Versalink is a furniture producer operating in the upper price segment. The Malaysian company was founded in 1991 and for years series production was […]


Furniture of the Future

Anyone who is professionally involved with products around living and working has to constantly keep up with trends – and even better, shape trends themselves. What developments are influencing the […]


How we want to live in the future

The five living trends of the future In the coming years, the “apartment” living space will change significantly. The changing living concepts are influencing the lives of everyone. However, they […]


Did you know … ?

Furniture is not just an object in our environment. Sometimes, a piece of furniture has interesting or unusual stories behind it. Don’t believe it? Read more for yourself. Tourist Attraction […]


Association chairman in conversation

Topics such as sustainability, affordable housing, limited space in urban areas and a lack of skilled workers are currently occupying the construction industry. What are the challenges for timber construction? […]